Constructions for US Army

MICHAEL M. TSONTOS S.A. between March 2012 and March 2015 completed successfully a three year contract known as MATOC (Multiple Award Task Order Contract), on behalf of the US Army in Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia with the budget of $30,000,000.00.

Also, since September 2017 the company participates in a five year contract on behalf of the US Army in Romania with the budget of $49,950,000.00. In Romania the company operates at present from the executive offices in the city of Constanja and Cluj.

MATOC is a type of contract that stipulates the pre-selection of contractors who meet the requirements of the issuing authority. The pre-selected contractors participate in competitions to win awards of contracts within the framework that the MATOC stipulates. MATOC has specific budget limitation and time limitation and its valid until the exhaustion of either one.

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