The facilities of MICHAEL M. TSONTOS SA include:

  • New building units with a total surface area of more than 1500 m² , housing all the offices supporting the activity in the American Base of Souda, as well as industrial and warehouse spaces.
  • Office space with a total area of 150 m² , where its Administrative Services are housed.
  • Industrial Buildings, which dispose plumbing and subassembly services, Duct and Steel Structure Services of a total area of 300 m².
  • Storage warehouses with a total area of about 300 m².
  • Plot of land of 5 acres, used as a parking space for vehicles and heavy machinery and as a station for the assembly and construction of elements of metal or elements of reinforced concrete.

The MICHAEL M. TSONTOS S.A. facilities, are based in Chania, at the area of Agia Triada, 1 Efedron Polemiston Street, in the Industrial Park of Chania and the Livadia in Chania, and are complemented by transported office and container units to meet its worksite’s needs.

In addition, since 2017, MICHAEL M. TSONTOS S.A. has expanded its activities abroad and more specifically in Romania in contract with the US Army, having awarded participation in a five-year MATOC (Multi-award Task Order Contract).

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