Organizational Chart

The organizing of MICHAEL M. TSONTOS S.A., is described through its Organization Chart, the Position Specifications of its executives and the Operating and Audit Procedures as described in the Corporate Management System of the Company. The elements that constitute the company and their hierarchy are reflected on the Organization Chart of the Company.

The company’s organizational structure is based on the principle of Project Management and includes the Directorates of Administrative and Financial Services, the Directorate of Constructions with the American Conventions of Suda Projects, Division of constructions for the American Army based in Romania, Public and Private Projects Division, Real Estate Division, Commercial Management and the Testing Laboratory.

The Head of the Administration Board and Managing Director is responsible for identifying and securing the resources required for the operation and maintenance of the Corporate Management System and the continuous improvement of its effectiveness. Then, the Directors of Directorates are responsible for ensuring the effective implementation of the Corporate Management System in their areas of responsibility and the necessary communication between them.

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