Corporate Social Responsibility

MICHAEL M. TSONTOS S.A., acknowledging its responsibility towards society and the environment and respecting the principles and values ​​that characterize our culture, actively contributes to its promotion by developing socially responsible practices and actions. In this way it interacts with its environment, influencing and influenced by the data of the time. Purpose of MICHAEL M. TSONTOS SA is a social action program that promotes and supports initiatives that contribute to the progress and development of the local community.


“The Art and the Place. 52 contemporary artists from Chania”.

«… The works of the fifty-two artists reflect the concerns of a modern art that persists mainly in painting, which as a constant value continues to attract and provoke. It also reflects all the assets or flaws of contemporary Greek art, except for two or three exceptions. Nevertheless, they are all qualitative, lively and sensitive works that prove and highlight the personality, the values ​​and the artistic particularities of those who created them. And most importantly: they are not limited to introversion of a locality. That is why it was probably the only thing that had to be done … ».

Pegky Kounenaki, Exhibition Curator

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